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A Message From Vicky

Rink Ratz Inc. is more than your average skating rink.  We are a skating family.  We offer a clean, family-friendly time while rolling.  We have skaters as young as 1 year old and as old as 90 years old.  We host birthday parties for all ages along with private events for graduations, celebrations, and much more.  My goal is to provide a fun and safe environment where memories can be made and shared for generations to come.


Owning a skating rink was a dream that I had for years.  When my father, my baby boy Cameron, and my husband all died within a year of each other, I realized I wanted to pursue my passions and do something more meaningful.  God blessed me with the opportunity, and it must have been meant to be because here I am, a decade-plus later, loving my rink and my community.  I get so many blessings by hosting so many milestone events for families and the kids in my community.  

Smiles and memories are made at Rink Ratz every day, and this is priceless.  What I like most about what I do is the variety of smiles, hugs, and laughs that I get to see on a daily basis, from all ages.  It is fun to watch a 76 year old woman come and talk about when she skated here and how it brings back memories and transports them back to their youth.  They forget how old they are until they put on the skates and say “Well, maybe it was easier when I was younger.”  It’s also fun to watch first-time skaters roll and experience both fear and enjoyment.  When they leave they say “I did it! I will be back.”  My biggest fear was to fail at what I loved, but then I remembered that “You can’t have faith and fear” and I needed to pick one, and here we are!

I practically raised my children here at Rink Ratz and am determined to keep it a family-friendly environment.  They are all accomplished skaters in their own right.  My oldest daughter, Kaitlyn, has made a name for herself in the skating world, and even on TV, as the Limbo Queen.  Rink Ratz is proud to be known as the home of the Limbo Queen, and you can check out some of her performances below.

The greatest thing about doing what you love is it doesn’t feel like work.  I did lots of praying and failing, but God was good and he took my failures and made them into successes.  My dream opportunity would be to expand my business to better serve my community and customers.  I want my customers to remember, that without them, my dream wouldn’t be a reality, and that I am thankful they keep me rolling.

Rink Ratz



Limbo Queen ®

Kaityln Conner

The Limbo Queen provides roller skating and business marketing services.

Contact us if you would like for her to showcase her skating talents at your next party, business event, television show, movie, advertisement, etc.

Check Out her videos below!

Here are a Few of Kaitlyn's Appearances Over the Years