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10/25 1-3pm, 10/29 Teen Night 6:30 - 8:30pm Teen Night, 11/7 1-3pm, 11/16 1-3pm, 12/5 1-3pm, 12/21 1-3pm

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Come out and check out our new floor!

Home of the Limbo Queen®

Home of the Limbo Queen®

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Even if our doors aren't open, our phones are! 10 AM to 9:30 pm 7 days a week! (816) 405-9385
New Year's Kids Skate 2019! Details Coming Soon...
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Come experience the new floor!

Posted by Lab Rat on Sep 9th 2018

Freshly sanded and coated—the new floor is fast and grippy. Come get your roll on and experience the difference. Need new wheels to maximize your roll? We've got an array of 95A wheels to pick from in various colors, designs, and price points.
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