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  • CUSTOM FIT - The VNLA X1 Inline Roller Skate features a leather boot with a carbon fiber heel for extreme support and durability. The X1 Skate comes with instructions for heat molding the boot for a completely custom fit.
  • SIZING - Our VNLA X1 skates come in youth sizes 1-4 and men’s and women's sizes 5-13. The inline skates come with laces, an adjustable ratchet buckle, and an adjustable velcro cinch strap, so you get a precise fit every time.
  • PROFESSIONAL WHEELS - Each pair of skates come with a set of 100mm VNLA 85A hardness racing wheels. Sizes 1-5 the VNLA X1 skate comes with three (3) wheels, while sizes 6-13 come with four (4) wheels.
  • SKATE ANYWHERE - This pair of Inline fitness skates can be used indoor and outdoor. Due to the 85A hardness wheels, these skates are durable enough to be taken outside, while the Vanilla Reaction ABEC 9 bearings ensure a super smooth and fast roll on rink surfaces.
  • VERSATILE - The VNLA X1 Skates sits on top of the VNLA 7000 series aluminum plate making it ultra lightweight and ready for anything. The X1 is a fantastic skate for beginning speed, fitness, or frequent rink session skaters.