TOUR Code 1

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The Tour Code 1 Roller Hockey Skates are the premier model in this next-gen Code skate line that was built specifically for elite roller hockey players. It debuts exciting features such as an adjustable tongue that has felt running to the end of the toe box, a new flexible tendon guard and even better durability than ever before with Vibram wear pads. 

The A.R.C. Tongue, which stands for Anti-Lace Bite, Removable Tongue & Custom Fit Toe Box, securely fastens to the toe box with a heavy duty velcro strap. This allows players to change the tongue's height and side-to-side positioning for a truly custom fit. Tour also extended the tongue's felt all the way to the end of toe box, thus reducing negative space for better energy transfer and more comfort. The Knetik Tendon Guard gives players full range of motion unlike traditionally stiff tendon guards that inhibit a player's stride. The new lightweight Vorrac Stabilizer surlyn quarter package not only looks stellar with the combination of colors and carbon fiber but offers pro-level performance and comfort too. It is fully thermoformable which drastically reduces break-in time and gives players a truly personalized fit. 

The AccuAire H600 quilted liner and the In-Step Honeycomb cooling system work together to provide maximum airflow during a game to better help keep feet cool, dry and securely planted. The Tour Code 1 also has enlarged L ankle pads that ensure maximum heel lock for optimal energy transfer. 

  • Model Number: 105BL
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite
  • Skate Fit Guidelines: High Volume / deep heel pocket - wide forefoot - high instep 
  • Sizing Guidelines: Tour skates generally fit a 1 size down from your regular shoe size