Rock GT50 Cosmic SuperFly

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The ROCK GT50 is an incredible skate in this price range.  It is extremely comfortable and is an excellent choice for a recreational session skate and can even get your foot in the door in competition.  The Cosmic SuperFly wheel is available in many colors and works very well at Rink Ratz—it is the wheel we place on our rental speed skates because it is highly durable, stable,  and offers great grip.  This skate is available in countless configurations not listed here with nearly any wheel we offer including custom plate colors.  Contact Us for more customization options not listed here.

-Boot: ROCK GT-50 with DeluxeComfort lining

-Plate: ROCK Nylon

-Wheels: Cosmic SuperFly

-Bearings: Magnum Speed ABEC5 

-Toe Stops: Adjustable Mini


Men’s, full sizes only. 

Black 1-15,  White 1-11