Linear Camo

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  • SIZE and FIT - The combination of our soft-shell inner boot and adjustable ratchet buckles allow for a precise fit. Adult and children's sizing make the Linear roller blades the perfect choice for the whole family!
  • PAIN-FREE SKATING - The soft inner lining prevents blisters, tight spots, or under-padded areas. Incredible comfortable, for maximum enjoyment.
  • UNIQUE - Be different! With the high quality, printed, vibrant graphic decals--the neon Green skates feature an array of Lazer Beams, and the Orchid Purple version has a rad Camo print--you are guaranteed to turn some heads!
  • PURE URETHANE WHEELS - Skate anywhere, indoor and outdoor, without the fear of slick wheels sliding out from under you.
  • NON-MARKING HEEL BRAKE - Stopping is an essential part of skating, and a long black trail is the last thing you want to leave behind you, especially at the rink. Our skates come with one non-marking rink friendly heel brake (right skate).