Rolling With The King Skate Party - October 26, 2019

Rolling With The King Skate Party - October 26, 2019

Posted by ZapRat on Sep 30th 2019

Peace Maker Church and Rink Ratz present the Rolling With The King Skate Party! Friday, October 26, 2019 starting at 11 AM. This is a FREE EVENT for the first 100 skaters, featuring positive music, free candy, and special guest Samuel Brown! Come skate with us and share in God's love!

Celebration Of Life and Justice Fundraiser for Colby Stephenson

Posted by ZapRat on Jul 29th 2019

Sunday August 4th is the Celebration of life and Justice fundraiser for Colby Stephenson from 5 to 7 PM. Please join us! We will have many giveaways, and all donations go to Crime Stoppers! Giveaways include: Iced Cookies, Basket from Texas Roadhouse, Free pair of Skates, Precision Line Barber Shop, spray tans, Kiley Ink Licensed Tattoo artist! Much more to announce! All admission prices go to Crime Stoppers! Donations accepted as well! Please come help this mom find some answers! Please show your community support!

Kids Skate Free Program

Posted by ZapRat on May 29th 2019

Join the Kids Skate Free program!Beginning June 18, through September 6, 2019, Kids 12 and up are eligible for the Kids Skate Free program! You must register in order to take advantage of this program. Please note, cost of skate rental is extra!For More Details and to Sign Up, Click Here

Home School Skate Dates for 2019 / 20

Posted by ZapRat on Dec 26th 2018

Here are the upcoming Homeschool Skate dates... any changes will be noted below! 2019 Dates 1/25 from 1pm to 3pm 2/6 from 1pm to 3pm 2/22 from 1pm to 3pm 2/28 - TEEN Homeschool skate from 6:30pm to 8:30pm 3/6 from 1pm to 3pm 3/22 from 1pm to 3pm 4/10 from 1pm to 3pm 4/26 from 1pm to 3pm 5/24 from 1pm to 3pm 6/12 from 1pm to 3pm 6/28 from 1pm to 3pm 7/10 from 1pm to 3pm 7/26 from 1pm to 3pm 8/14 from 1pm to 3pm 8/30 from 1pm to 3pm 9/11 from 1pm to 3pm 9/27 from 1pm to 3pm 10/9 from 1pm to 3pm 10/25-Halloween Party! Come dressed in costume if you like! from 1pm to 3pm 11/13 from 1pm to 3pm 11/21 from 1pm to 3pm 12/11 from 1pm to 3pm 12/27 from 1pm to 3pm 2020 Dates 1/8/20 from 1pm to 3pm 1/23/20 from 1pm to 3pm 2/12/20-Valentine Party from 1pm to 3pm 2/28/20 from 1pm to 3pm 3/11/20 from 1pm to 3pm 3/27/20 … read more

Come experience the new floor!

Posted by Lab Rat on Sep 9th 2018

Freshly sanded and coated—the new floor is fast and grippy. Come get your roll on and experience the difference. Need new wheels to maximize your roll? We've got an array of 95A wheels to pick from in various colors, designs, and price points.